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Newly Listed Joomla! Extensions

Find extensions for your Joomla site in the Joomla Extensions Directory, the official directory for Joomla components, modules and plugins.
  1. GDPR

    GDPR is the essential tool to make your website compliant with the EU GDPR law, as of the deadline fixed on May 25, 2018
    The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will be fully enforceable in the European Union involving even countries outside the European Union that handle personal data of EU citizens. After the deadline of May 25, 2018 all organisations are expected to be compliant with EU GDPR.

    This means that there are a new set of rules to consider when dealing with personal data of users. The GDPR component aims to extend the Joomla! core with a set of extra features, currently missing, in order to have Joomla! compliant with the EU GDPR law.

    Main features of GDPR are:
    •GDPR Cookie consent: the standard cookie banner is no longer enough for EU GDPR, now you need a more effective solution to really block cookies before the consent is given even supporting revocable consent

    Different strictness levels: it's possible to switch between different levels of strictness when dealing with cookies, even supporting geolocation to exclude visitors from countries that don't apply the EU GDPR law

    Logs of user changes: whenever a change in a user profile occurs, for example if a user changes his personal data, all changes must be tracked and logged. GDPR supports even Joomla! custom fields and the core User Profile plugin. The logs report can be exported in CSV and Excel formats

    Profile deletion: every user must be able to delete his own profile at any moment based on the 'Right to be forgotten' regulation. Moreover GDPR doesn't simply delete the user profile, but it can optionally delete all user generated contents, such as articles, contacts, blogs, etc

    Profile export: every user must be able to export his own profile in a machine readable format, GDPR supports CSV and Excel

    Privacy policy checkbox: every form on your website dealing with personal data must include a mandatory privacy policy checkbox to consent personal data handling. GDPR can integrate with all of them to show the privacy policy checkbox

    Consent registry: you can generate and export the registry including consent details given by users that is essential if requested by the Data Protection Commissioner

    Data breach notifications: in the case that a data breach occurs, you can mark violated profiles and quickly notify users sending them an informative email

    Privacy policy link: you can include the link to your privacy policy page

    Cookie policy link: you can include the link to your cookie policy page

    Multilanguage support: contents can be translated into different languages using the standard Joomla! multilanguage strings

    Advanced integration system: GDPR ships with preconfigured integrations with common extensions such as JomSocial, EasySocial, Virtuemart, etc moreover it can be configured to integrate with all extensions

    Revocable consent: you can allow users to revoke their consent to the privacy policy

    Retroactivity: you can force already registered users to explicitly accept the privacy policy on the first login

    Exclusions system: you can choose to exclude certain user groups or certain components from the GDPR requirements

    Integration with JRealtime Analytics: GDPR can be integrated with the component JRealtime Analytics by JExtensions Store in order to provide a fully GDPR-compliant solution for stats tracking to replace Google Analytics

    Product features:

    -GDPR Cookie consent: really block cookies and the user session before the consent is given, even allowing revocable consent

    -Delete/Export profile: allow users to delete or export in a machine readable format their profile at any time

    -Data breach management: if a data breach occurs you can manage and notify violated users quickly within 72 hours

    -Highly customizable: customize the theme, colors, contents and the integration with third party extensions

    -Multilanguage: you can translate contents for the cookie toolbar, form controls and email using the Joomla! multilanguage

    -Log user changes: log every change in a user profile, track old and new values and generate a CSV/Excel report

    -Privacy policy: include the privacy policy checkbox in every form dealing with personal data

    -Notifications: get notified when a user deletes his profile, notify users quickly if a problem occurs

    -Permissions: take advantage of an advanced management of permissions and exclusions by user group

    -Integrations: GDPR is able to integrate with every extension that generates a form thanks to advanced settings

  2. TV Schedule

    Component creates schedule of TV programmes. You are allowed send to email the picked TV programmes from the list (simple HTML or PDF file).
    Basic features:
    - TV programmes genres management;
    - TV programmes list management;
    - work with the calendar is organized, so that it would be more convenient to filter records and fill out the list of TV shows;
    - there is the possibility of batch copying (moving) of TV shows by dates;
    - you can set in the component settings the genre for the default display in the front, as well as the mode of filtering the TV shows by genre and navigation by week (without reloading the page or normal);
    - possibility to specify the operating mode of the TV Schedule module — filtering on the main genre or several at once;
    - possibility to set the cast of the film or TV host for the TV show;
    - TV filter depending on the genre;
    - you are allowed to select the article for TV programme or custom page link;
    - linked image for TV programme item;
    - sending to email selected list of TV programmes in HTML / PDF format;
    - assigned (related) genres to the basic TV programme genre;

    - two types of TV Programme: Dynamic (you can select only dates), Persistent (you can select only days of week);
    - for dynamic TV programmes you can enter multiple value for broadcast time separated by comma, f.e.: 10:00,12:00,15:00;
    - for persistent (periodical) TV broadcasts you can fill by days of week the multiple value for broadcast time (separated by comma).
    - short remark for TV Programme wich can be shown as slogan at the frontend;
    - custom link for TV Programme's details

  3. Body bg image - SV

    "Body bg image - SV" is a free plugin for Joomla which adds responsive background images to the full screen of your page. This gives your site an individual look. The free version of this plugin enables the background image to be changed twice every other day. The shift takes place at a time specified by you, taking into account the time zone you selected.

  4. Moonchip Ad Code in Article

    Moonchip Ad Code in Article is a plugin that allows you to place ad code anywhere in your Joomla! articles, there are 6 ad code slots for you to use, for example simply enter your ad code into an empty slot 1 in the plugin backend and then in one of your Joomla! articles type in the tag 'adcode1' and the ad will appear, to use the other ad code slots use tags 'adcode2' - 'adcode6' in the articles of your site.

    To start simply install the plugin and then make sure its enabled.

    The plugin must be enabled for it to work when you type in the tags 'adcode1' 'adcode2' etc into your articles.

    In the plugin back end choose a slot where you want to place your ad code, there are 6 slots in total.

    The ad code label is for back-end reference only and won't show in the front end, the ad code box is where you paste your ad code.

    In the Joomla! backend article editor simply type in the tag 'adcode1' anywhere in the article you want an ad to appear, you may also use the formatting options in the article editor such as aligning the ad to the left or right, you may also use formatting options in the ad code itself in the plugin backend.

    You may use any ad code you want from any ad provider and any banner size including responsive ad code.

    Please make sure you use the relevant tag for the ad code slot you are using, for example: use tag 'adcode1' for slot 1 and 'adcode2' 'adcode3' 'adcode4' 'adcode5' 'adcode6' for the others.

    In the article editor you can use the alignment options to align the ads too, simply align the ad code tag in the article editor and it will align the ad in the front end of the site.

    The great thing about the plugin as it provides one source for your ad code, so if you end up creating 1000's of articles and your ad provider changes or updates their ad code you simply go into the plugin backend and paste in the new ad code and it will update the code across 1000's of articles instantly! it's also great for if you change ad provider or for experimenting with different ads as you only need to change your code in one place.

  5. Dismiss Cookie Bar II

    Dismiss Cookie Bar II is our new April release and has been fully rewritten from the ground up as a Module. This decision was made in an attempt to leave some plugin conflicts and to give the module a wider range of configurability.
    Each and every aspect of this extension is fully configurable to give you the ability of having exactly what you want in a simple cookie banner. We also decided to add some animations to help it to be noticed.
    Banner Message, Color, Radius, Margin, Font Size, Font Color, Width. Banner message text area is html compatible.
    Button Color, Text Color, Radius. Policy Link, Link Color.
    Animations include, Slide up/down and Fade in (depending on position), Fade In, Slide in Right, Slide in Left.
    Position can be set to top or bottom. With the banner margin set you can practically place it anywhere in the browser window you like.
    Admin options allow settings to use a cookie or for easily viewable changes to the banner it can be set to view always.
    Translatable Language File.


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